Social Responsibility

Sycamore believes in the importance of environmental, social and governance standards (ESG) in its work.

In this area, we take a proactive approach to the applicable review, monitoring and intervention steps that need to be taken (both for our assessment of new prospects, as well as featuring prominently in our management of existing assets).

We hold ourselves to a strict ESG Compliance Framework and aim to promote and advance asset development approaches underpinned by the following:


  • Putting environmental impact assessment at the forefront of our considerations in winning and maintaining a ‘licence to operate’
  • Viewing the environmental permitting process as an opportunity to add value, rather than a box ticking exercise ahead of project commercialisation
  • Often we are developing in areas of prior industrial use – where environmental considerations have been totally ignored – we aim to reverse this through our presence there and the influence of our practice
  • Developing site remediation plans for the long run care of the areas in which we operate and ring-fencing funds in a progressive manner, such that end-of-life work is not an afterthought


  • Whether mandatory or not, we believe that a continuously updated understanding of the social impact that our operations have; is an indispensable part of project risk management
  • We seek to develop inclusive relationships with local communities where we prioritise the preservation of both tangible and intangible cultural values and assets
  • Into each project, we bring an understanding that a social ‘licence to operate’ is best achieved using a consents-based approach whereby; impacts and benefits are agreed in advance and then used as a benchmark for performance going forwards
  • Our projects establish fair, humane working conditions, compliant with local labour laws and our own ethical standards
  • The operations we finance ensure health and safety standards in line with internationally accepted practices


  • We ensure newly acquired businesses and current holdings comply with our Anti Corruption & Bribery Policy
  • We manage assets to deliver operations that are held to a high standard of operational integrity and ethics
  • We work with our holding’s management teams to make sure appropriate financial control frameworks are in place and that financial reporting is delivered with professional integrity
  • We ensure all boards comprise appropriate mixes of qualified people such that value-added oversight is delivered and maintained